Charles Pulliam-Moore
Charles Pulliam-Moore is an NYC-based culture critic whose work centers on fandom, pop culture, politics, race, and sexuality. He still thinks Cyclops made a few valid points.
Yesterday 2:36PM

While I did find it interesting I was bothered by how they depicted Pasiphae. In fact, I think this is the third incarnation I’ve seen portray her as a villain while ignoring her rape in the myths.

Monday 12:26PM

Though Tuca’s still prone to existential messiness, her sobriety is actually something she’s navigated with strength and uncanny wisdom when faced with obstacles like her belligerent, cruel aunt Tallulah (Jennifer Lewis).” Read more

5/21/21 6:00PM

Absolutely loved the series as well and very much would love to have seen more! Yet, at five episodes, I thought of it as one 3 hour and 50 minute long movie, which happened to have been broken down into 5 acts.

For those, like us, who thoroughly enjoyed this show, I heartily recommend checking out the 2019 CNN Read more

5/21/21 9:47AM

Charles thanks for posting this! I had no idea that was actually Joel Schumaker.

4/13/21 11:53AM

There are non-black derivations of white heroes exist that rarely if ever get anywhere near the amount of controversy as a black derivation. Ben Reilly, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen (people forget that they weren’t the original GL and Flash), Scott Lang. Legacy characters or alternate versions of existing characters have Read more

3/29/21 8:46PM

It always weirds me out when Armor Digimon just kinda show up as regular ass Digimon. For those unaware, Oppossumon is what happens when Gatomon digivolves with the DigiEgg of Kindness.

3/27/21 4:07PM

It would be nice if the show let Sam feel trauma. He was dead. For five years. The world moved on without him. Bucky’s used to that kind of thing; everybody thought he was dead for decades, this is old hat. Sam is an outsider in his own family. Read more

3/25/21 6:49PM

If this is aiming to be a heavy-handed allegory for illegal immigrants living undocumented in the US, it’s not really hitting the right parallels. Illegal immigrants are immigrants, they have to travel somewhere to get that status. And if they’re trying to escape to Mexico, that’s sort of the opposite of immigrating? H Read more

3/10/21 5:17PM

Yes, that’s the word for it. Reviews for the finale were all over the place.  Read more

3/08/21 10:17PM

This reboot has been so charming, especially more recent episodes that focus more on individual kids.

2/25/21 8:40PM

I had no idea this was returning for a second season. The first season feels like it was forever ago, and I guess I assumed it was cancelled. Tati is a treasure in it. I’ve tried to explain the deadpan, “are you looking to lose, gain, or maintain weight?” bit at work on multiple occasions (we make promotional and Read more

2/11/21 11:23AM

There was a Lelo ad directly beneath your post; proving your point.

1/20/21 4:01PM

Thanks for this. You’ve captured a lot of the concern I’ve had about how pop culture has affected some of our political thinking. Looking for a hero that will come in and save the day, when what is required is for us all to actually put in the work.

And that pop culture lens can also be applied to the assault on the Read more

1/15/21 7:32PM

One thing I find interesting about this show so far is how so very American it is. It makes me wonder if the target audience is more homogenous than the movie releases. Obviously, yes, there is nothing ion this show of interest to Chinese audiences, at least as far as I can tell. Read more

1/15/21 12:32PM

“The negative space it purposefully creates in your understanding” is a great description of the key to the show thus far; whereas the MCU in the past rewards you for keeping up with what’s going on, WV is taunting you with it and to great effect. I felt like I was walking through a particularly jaunty minefield.

1/15/21 9:46AM

Yeah - the red light on the toaster reminded me of 2001 Space a scary way...