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Added a note that the CNN article does include examples; the THR one does as well. Read more

These are all really good points, I appreciate the comment! (The CNN article mentions social media in South Korea, but it does mostly focus on China.) I think the worst racism against the movie has to be coming from right here in the U.S., where people are going out of their way to review-bomb it and otherwise be Read more

The Orville IS great! I have lost all hope (speaking of hope) that it’ll ever get a season four, sadly Read more

Agreed. We will not be covering that series on io9. Read more

The ties are fantastic. I’m also a fan of all of Shirley’s outfits! Read more

Oh man two Flynnes. I am very curious as to whether we’ll see a season two! Read more

That does make sense. I wish the show had made it more clear! Read more

I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation! Read more

So much to Avenge in the next several years, apparently! Read more

Between Baby Rocket and all the Raccacoonie cosplay at SDCC this year... it really is dawning of the age of the Trash Panda Read more

Are we gonna get a multiverse film starring all the people who’ve played Cassie Lang to this point Read more

Literally when will we have time to watch ANY non-Marvel movies and TV in 2023 and 2024 Read more

I want a Blade update. That was the big shock-a-roo announcement the last time we were all here at SDCC so it seems fitting. Read more