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io9 News Editor/Senior Writer, here since 2016. Previously SF Bay Guardian newspaper (RIP), SFSU (MA, Cinema Studies), member of the SF Bay Area Film Critics Circle. Also a big fan of monster movies.

I didn’t go through your list, but I’ll give a shout-out to the Fear Street trilogy.
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I believe wholeheartedly that all Godzilla-related trailers should be legally obligated to use BöC.

I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes of season 2 at this point, but so far, it addresses nearly all my issues with season 1. Most notable is the pacing. It’s just way better. If the season continues this way, I think the show will have found it’s footing. Read more

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Cowards!  Real horror movie games set in creepy houses have walls. Also, some play pieces are molded, but the majority are just cardboard standups? Chintzy! (make them all the same or don’t bother)

I was wondering when season four was going to arrive. Season three came out about two years ago, which can happen with streaming shows.  Read more

Even just from the trailer this is so clearly hysterically well-written why oh why are they ending this series?? There are series (which may remain nameless) which are utterly exhausted by comparison and they have no designated end. (dang it, explore the back story of The Alchemist if nothing else)
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Am looking forward to seeing this story get wrapped up, and delighted they have been given the space to do so. Genuinely think this show has been a dark horse for one of the best (animated) shows of the last 10, 15 years. Certainly the best nobody watched. Read more

P.S. the numbers listed here for The Little Mermaid are pretty good for an American movie in Korea. Even the highest grossing American movie of all time here, Avengers: Endgame, made far less than $100 million over the course of its entire run. And of all the Disney live action remakes, only Beauty and the Beast has Read more

I don’t know about China, but this headline is pretty disingenuous when it comes to Korea. Read more

Super8 has an upbeat ending? I don’t remember that at all. I would choose Tron: Legacy over the original any day. Otherwise, a pretty good list. Contact is so earnest I love it. Read more

Loved it and saw it in the theater with the very few others that did but Highlander is not that hopeful. Read more

About time we got Dunk and Egg! IIRC Martin resisted allowing it to be adapted for a long time because he didn’t want it to infringe on territory he was going to cover in future Dunk and Egg novellas. I’m glad he changed his mind.
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Not the strongest episode of the season, but I grade it on a curve because it’s very obviously a bottle episode made to save the budget for the finale. Read more

People talk about shoulder pads and leg warmers, but that top pic shows the worst thing about 80's fashion: those frilly blouses. Immediately takes me back to high school. Read more