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5/24/21 1:36PM

Sweet! Shudder always ends up being the one streaming service that doesn’t end up in the “should I cancel it?” debate.

5/24/21 1:04PM

Coveralls? Skull(not hockey)Mask? Blood? Splatter??

5/20/21 4:44PM

If Doug Jones isn’t in it, I shall be heartbroken. I’ll probably still watch it... but reluctantly.

5/07/21 1:47PM

I love that fact that whenever anyone brings up Horror Express, their general reaction is “maybe not a great film, but definitely a good time. Recommended.” I’ll have to check out the Creepshow episode.

5/07/21 1:31PM

It’s definitely a bit underrated and worth a watch. Savalas is just so damn incredibly entertaining to watch hamming it up as Kazan. Last I checked, it was still on Prime to watch. 

5/07/21 1:26PM

I almost said this movie is good.  It’s not really, but what it is is fantastically entertaining.  We need more entertaining B movies!  Give us: Night of the Creeps, The Mummy, Tremors, Evil Dead (in all its glorious incarnations), Happy Death Day.  We need more!

4/19/21 5:32PM

How many stories have anyone heard about Sasquatch or Bigfoot murdering people? I don’t even think I ‘ve heard of a murderous bigfoot at summer camp. Read more

3/24/21 7:41AM

I really like Folk-Horror. I think it has to do with my fascination with unexplained or unknown history. This sounds like a real treat and I hope it comes to a streaming service soon.

3/23/21 9:26PM

British Folk Horror is my favorite genre, so I might have to give this a watch when it comes out. I’ve probably watched every single movie they discuss already, but you never know. It’s always a treat to discover some obscure little gem I didn’t know about previously.

There’s a pretty good book out by Howard David

3/23/21 2:26PM

Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched, which just premiered at the 2021 South by Southwest Film Festival, was written and directed by Kier-La Janisse, whose many credits across various horror-related platforms include the excellent 2012 book House of Psychotic Women: An Autobiographical Topography of Female Neurosis in

1/27/21 2:17PM

Screaming Firehawks is also the group name of Expanse-ophiles.

1/27/21 1:56PM

Every scene in this ep is an Emmy reel for multiple categories.

Got to give a shoutout to the tracking firefight scene that involved an exterior location, one 100% practical set (the door and hallway) and one set that had some green screen (the hangar) BRAVO.

Book fans, we know what’s coming next, non book fans, prepare Read more

1/27/21 1:31PM

The shuttle escape scene was brilliant. I knew from the books that they get away, but oof, that was good telly. I hope I’m not the only one who shouted “FUCKERS!” when they shot Hutch. I really liked Hutch. And oh the scene when they punched it and the little fuckers fleeing for their lives... Read more

1/27/21 1:20PM

Gah! Thank you for clearing up the whole Razorback/Screaming Firehawk issue for me. When Naomi saw Screaming Firehawk on the display and looked relieved, I couldn’t figure out which ship it was. I must have missed them renaming the Razorback. 

1/27/21 1:10PM

I thought the performances this episode were particularly great too. 

1/27/21 12:52PM

Oof. It feels like there is so much left to tell before wrapping up this season. I can’t help but think we’re going to be left with so many loose ends that the 1-year+ wait for Season 6 will just feel like eternity.  Brilliant acting this season.