Christina Warren
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May 18

I live in San Francisco and *don’t* make 7 figures, so, no, I don’t have a dedicated space for a projector. Though that’s not nearly as necessary as Cranz makes it out to be, provided you don’t mind mediocre quality, and, guess what. Lots of people don’t care. They’re fine with standard def on a washed out wall, Read more

Apr 15

Remembering our office pod feels like halcyon days. Good company at a company that wasn’t so good. Good luck to Mike and his quest to one day drive a car.

Feb 25 2020

You have no proof this is a lie. Perhaps this septuagenarian didn’t search as tirelessly as you might have to find a replacement, didn’t exhaust every option and shout from every rooftop. That doesn’t make the story fabrication. This tiresome conspiracy of yours has no basis.

Feb 25 2020

Let me’re taking issue that a 70-year old woman wasn’t able to find a replacement gaming console in her own city that’s been out of production for nearly two decades? This lady grew up in the 50's and 60's - maybe handheld video games from the 90's aren’t exactly in her wheelhouse.

Feb 25 2020

Mother was 95, daughter was 70. Not strange she couldn´t find one. Chill

Jun 25 2019

I hope for nothing but the best for Jake Paul. By the “best” I mean, of course, the best scandals.

Apr 5 2019

I love that your real name and everything is on this story. Sounds like fun. I spent a couple spring breaks during law school doing volunteer work outside during the day and partying every night. My body gave up at the end of the week both times. Love that city. 

Feb 27 2019

Well, to be fair, didn’t Garner cheat on Scott Foley with Michael Vartan, and then on Vartan with Ben Affleck?

Jan 7 2019

This would be legit exciting if it was a Playstation light gun. Time Crisis, Point Blank, Vampire Night, Ninja Assault... a PS4 light gun that could bring back those games would be an instant purchase. Read more

Aug 28 2018

Also,the way Pebbles had their contract set up,didn’t they have to pay for everything out of pocket? Promos,videos (their “Waterfalls” video was the most expensive video ever at the time it was released,beating Michael Jackson’s “Remember The TIme”,IIRC and all that came out of their own pockets/pay). When you’re Read more