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I wonder how many years it would take for it to render a single frame of Crysis..

Correct, artifacts and distortion only become an issue once audible (which someone knowledgeable such as yourself would be able to detect and compensate for). But what about the average Joe who follows this article’s advice expecting better sound, downloads an EQ app, messes with sliders, and then wonders why their Read more

Don’t disagree with any of that, and it 100% doesn’t matter - until you can hear it. And when you can hear it, then you readjust or flatten out your curve or shut off the EQ entirely. Read more

If I turn on the EQ and adjust it and it sounds better to me, then it’s better. It gets no simpler than that. If I get better headphones, then maybe I make smaller adjustments, but regardless, if it sounds better to me then it is better.

Take it from an audio engineer... Unless making subtractive changes, an EQ will not improve the quality of audio, only distort it. Read more

The very fact that you’re listening to it on different equipment than the people who mixed and mastered it already changes how it sounds. Read more

just because there’s no dedicated headphone jack doesn’t mean you have to go wireless. For example, you could plug into the lightning port.

I haven’t tried to use a bluetooth headset in 2-3 years but I’m constantly puzzled by this. Audio quality on those things used to be consistently terrible, is that still the case?

The very fact that you’re listening to it on different equipment than the people who mixed and mastered it already changes how it sounds. Headphones vary widely in their frequency response, even expensive headphones are rarely truly neutral, and usually don’t even attempt to be because most people don’t like how that Read more

No. Never install an equalizer. You’re not an engineer, you don’t know what you were doing. Albums are mixed & mastered by people who do this for a living, and know what they’re doing. Who are you to say you know what this should sound like more than the people that created it? Leave the EQ alone! The only reason to ev Read more

That is very interesting. Maybe they’re priced according to what the companies think people will pay or operating costs in the region might affect it. Idk just guessing.

I wonder why subscription fees of these music streaming service varies A LOT between countries; here in Indonesia, monthly fee for spotify is around $3,8 a month. For apple music it’s around $5,3 a month. From what I know, basically the same 35 million song library.

iTunes music sucks. They end up streaming non-explicit lyrics variants of songs (e.g. Cypress Hill Temple of Boom) and some songs have serious encoding issues (e.g. Slayer South of Heaven). Ignoring that for a moment the real reason they suck is because their machine learning is absolutely terrible (I.e. Crappy random Read more

Obsessed enough to purchase the album’s?

A mistake or the BEST mistake?

You haven’t covered family plans in GPM (5 people $17). I actually purchased the Fam plan and gave my retired folks a subscription each because their income isn’t huge Read more

I have Apple Music on my Nexus for 2 reasons: 1) Spotify nerfed itself when it comes to streaming over Sync in our Fords, and 2) my wife is Taylor Swift-obsessesed, so Google Play Music was a no go if given the choice.

I made the mistake of going to red tube instead of YouTube red... It was a bad move. Why would they name them so similar?!

Yeah I didn’t think ad-free YouTube would be that big of a deal but it really is a game changer in my mind, now that I have it