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Apr 5

“Algae” isn’t a real taxon - it’s polyphyletic, and there are unicellular and multicellular “algae”. It’s more of a term of convenience to distinguish every other photosynthesizing organism on Earth from the true plants.

Apr 1

I retract my statement for being silly and facetious.

Mar 24

Good stuff Ed, thanks for the clarification. You’re definitely one of, if not the best authors around here and I appreciate you taking the time to engage in the comments constructively.

Mar 12

Prokaryotes don’t have the endomembrane system that eukaryotes have, and that’s where most of the damage is done in freezing. Prokaryotes also have tough cell walls, which probably limits damage due to ice crystal formation within the cell. That said, freezing is generally pretty tough on any cell.

Mar 11

They’re not just out-competing other mussel species, they are such effective filter-feeders, due to the huge numbers that they sustain in affected water bodies, that they have a significant impact on freshwater plankton communities and so on food webs in these ecosystems.

Feb 5

Its a shame that positive headlines are so rare that my first reaction to this one was that it was sarcastic. 

Feb 5

Our old border colllie mix has been on a home cooked diet for about a year now. We cook ground turkey, rice or millet, some veggies like carrot and broccoli plus cranberries for her as a way of helping control issues related to her Cushings.
I can assure you, though, despite nothing but “human grade” ingredients

Jan 26

It should be noted that a study of over 30 deaths of people after they were inoculated found that none of them were related to the vaccine. Instead they were due to an underlying cause that put them in the high risk category that allowed them to receive the vaccination at this early stage.  

Jan 21

This is fantastic. Being in my forties now, and having a growing list of people I care for impacted/taken by various cancers, I feel wonderfully optimistic about the future every time I read about our increasing understanding of how we can use our own immune systems to rid our bodies of cancer. Also, the Velcro Read more

Jan 19

“I would emphasize the coming inequity of the pandemic, with rates of death, for example, nearly three times higher among African-Americans and Latino persons,” Read more

Jan 16

I appreciate the correction.  I’m not a member of one of the institutions that gets to read the original letter.

Jan 15

After smoking for 40 years, Buproprion (Zyban) relieved me of the craving with no effort on my part. I simply forgot to have my morning cig with coffee one day, and then a few days later skipped the cigarette break dose. It took over a month but the good thing was no withdrawal symptoms from nicotine and no side Read more

Jan 14

More early childhood support and improving our educational system would also go a long way to solving this problem.

Jan 12

I am surprised about the fungal part, simply because of the boiling. I suppose the boiling temperature simply wasn’t maintained long enough to kill the spores.
Read more

Dec 23

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the fact that you have to pay anything out-of-pocket for a necessary medical procedure when you’re already paying for expensive health insurance proves that the health insurance system doesn’t work.

Dec 11

For additional context, 330k is roughly the entire population of Iceland. 3k deaths per day is an entire small town every other day.