Eleanor Fye
Eleanor is a documentary producer and director. She makes videos for io9 and Gizmodo.
7/23/20 2:38PM

thank you for reminding me of Jean Teasdale. I think those columns must have been subconsciously lingering in my head while reading some of these mommy blogs

7/23/20 2:35PM

fair! seems like you are an involved and caring parent. your ignoring the tantrums is strategic, not the default b/c you think your toddler is someone else’s problem to handle. def not the problem dads described on NLI.

7/06/20 10:04AM

yes! I intentionally tried to find the most Vangelis-ish tracks on our stock music library. Love that man. Read more

6/16/20 3:22PM

DGA didn’t respond to our email about it, so I’m not sure tbh! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6/09/20 6:58PM

reading roger ebert reviews is one of the main reasons i got into movies! enjoy the rabbit hole, friend.

6/08/20 2:53PM

of all the terrible films i wrote about in this post, it never occurred to me that the one i’d get the most passionate comment about would end up being Scent of a Woman

6/08/20 2:08PM

thanks so much for that tidbit! Brazil is one of my favorite movies. Universal shows up quite a few times in stories about 1980s sci-fi recuts, ha. 

4/14/20 4:27PM

it’s unclear who canonically wrote the opening scroll, right? could be written about future events by someone even further in the future.

2/14/20 9:23AM

Sadly the technology does not exist yet. I cannot hyperlink to all of my bad decisions.

1/23/20 3:21PM

Hey! Thank you so much for watching. We get it. You can check out Needles’ work at monkeymojo.com

1/23/20 2:41PM

Hi, so, I’m the producer of this piece and I fully agree with what you’re saying re: Facebook’s video viewership numbers being inflated. In fact, I was writing nervous missives about FB’s imminent collapse and effect on media back in 2017 when few people were thinking about it and even fewer people cared. Those bunk Read more

1/19/20 3:15PM

look Zack, I will take your orbs and raise you “fishing as Vegeta in the Badman outfit”

1/03/20 10:30AM

Star Wars was released after we had shot the footage, sadly. You’re correct, though.

12/21/19 12:16PM

i was personally hoping for George RR Martin to wander onscreen, breaking the 4th wall, and tell us that the White Walkers were a metaphor for climate change