Eleanor Fye
Eleanor is a documentary producer and director. She makes videos for io9 and Gizmodo.
7/23/20 5:12PM

I can’t help but always hear it in a whiny Tom Haverford voice.

7/23/20 5:03PM

I’ve been on the internet since the early 90's and there is no internet lingo I loathe more than DH. Hubby doesn’t bother me as much as DH. Add in DS and DD and my head explodes fully. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but it’s just..... ugh. 

7/23/20 5:00PM

Mine is “potty” or “go potty”. For effin’ sake, you’re an adult that can say so many other things — “visit the restroom”, “take a break”, “see a man about a dog”, “water the flowers”, “take the browns to the super-bowl”, “take a leak” — why infantilize it?

7/23/20 4:24PM

It appears to me that the bulk of the Giz crowd is barking because a woman gamer wrote about internet things that wasn’t mashing buttons.


7/23/20 4:20PM

I call my husband “hubby” because “husband” sounds insufferably stuffy; however I never call him that directly, only when I’m talking about him. He and I are in no way anything like any of the examples you gave. We’re both weirdos and sad olde goths without kids.

7/23/20 4:13PM

While I understand that  “my” has myriad meanings, some of which don’t imply something is a component, you are completely correct in your opinion and I validate you in all things.

7/23/20 4:11PM

What’s that even about? If I know your spouse, and there’s nobody you’re talking to who doesn’t, just use their name. I feel like if you need to reinforce the role over the person, it’s kind of a tacit admission you think that person sucks.

7/23/20 4:09PM

Whenever anyone says “tummy” I instinctively look around for the five year old they’re talking to whose presence I had somehow completely missed. It was too damn cutesy for me even when I was the five year old, and my disposition hasn’t improved in the meanwhile.

7/23/20 3:51PM

One of my favorite phenomenon to observe is watching women who complain about their incompetent man-child husbands become mothers who raise incompetent man-child sons.

7/23/20 3:44PM

This is cool. I don’t know the term nowadays for describing the echo-chambers/neighborhoods that people set up for themselves on the internet (IE: ___ Twitter (like black twitter) or subreddits or 4 chan boards etc.) but I LOVE glimpsing into the different spaces to see what people are saying (EVEN if I don’t Read more

7/23/20 3:43PM

For some reason I hate seeing “Yummy” typed out by adults, I mean unless your a 5 year old I don’t expect to hear that word come out of a grown ass persons mouth. Any time I see that it tells me either that person is immature or has a relatively low IQ.

7/04/20 1:13PM

Okay, I knew squid were amazing critters. But at about 2 minutes in, I just saw a squid fire its trusters to avoid that arm.