Emily Lipstein
social media editor @ gizmodo + earther
Nov 8 2019

The problem with having to roast Katie is that she’s too damn nice and good to come up with something to roast her about, aside from her completely incorrect ranking of fruits. Clementines as #1? Hm. Read more

Oct 18 2019

also important to remember that his custom license plate was L TRAIN until someone stole it, maybe a week after he got it

Dec 21 2018

honestly i dont know! i just do it this way bc it makes the most sense to me

Feb 3 2018

teens and millennials aren’t the same age group! while millennials may have finstas it’s the “generations” that follow that really do this

Jun 13 2013

all of the people that i've met that go there already and my (soon to be) peers are wonderful and kind people. honestly UChicago was the last place I'd expect something like this to happen, but im glad that other people are as shocked as i am and for the same reasons