Emily Lipstein
social media editor @ gizmodo + earther
Oct 18 2019

thank you to my dear friends for this lovely obit. you all have been too good to me. to honor all of you, i will be sure to continue my streak of making bad vehicle decisions that could lead to my demise Read more

Oct 18 2019

Shocked no one mentioned that Aaron dropped $4000 on a motorcycle to offset the L train’s shutdown last year, just to learn the L train would not be shutting down. I have no idea why he still owns the bike.

Jul 9 2019

Oh man, I remember some of these places. As someone born in the mid-80s, it really felt like the internet was growing up with me, and I remember sites like Susan’s Place as I was first coming to terms with my own gender identity. Of course, it took some more years before I actually went anywhere with it, but still, Read more

Apr 16 2019

I’m going to circle back to this comment later. If that is indeed in the movie, then they’ll delete it. Checkmate.

Apr 16 2019

I will both avoid watching this spoiler and take news of the spoiler’s existence as proof that Ant-Man goes all proctal on Thanos.

Apr 16 2019

I’m just glad that the spoiler footage didn’t show when Thanos learned how much of a “pain in the ass” Ant-man truly can be.  While some things can be spoiled, this experience needs to be saved for the theaters.

Apr 10 2019

My cat did not consent to a picture of its butthole being taken.

Dec 21 2018

I feel you on the redness!!! Definitely consider ditching your witch hazel toner. Rose oil smells lovely but actually irritates skin, and witch hazel with recurring use (like a daily toner sitch) is also sensitizing. It’s better for isolated treatment of bug bites, poison ivy, etc. 

Dec 21 2018

This is so accurate it hurts! I’m going to save this whole article forever and ever because our situations and desires are basically identical. The only product we currently have in common is Not Your Mother’s spray. Has anyone else tried the “soft” spray?? I thought I would love it but the banana smell is SO. BAD. Read more

Nov 2 2018

Software developer here; I get my fair share of crap for my affinity for “cheap” headphones. Honestly, I skew more toward the $20-$30 range, because it takes care of the problems that I just can’t handle with the $5-$10 stuff. With the cheapest stuff, you might get that weird issue where you have to twist the Read more

Nov 2 2018

I’m with you on these. I’m on my second pair after one side died a few years in. As far as cheap earbuds go, I think these sound better than monoprice earbuds. They’re often on sale, and if you get orange, you end up only paying 4-5 dollars for them.