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Yes, but it’s different. In this instance. it only works immediately after you raise your wrist, and only as a toggle button for whatever app you have open on the watch.  Read more

Thank you for reminding me I own Nest Protect. I forget about them because they’re so passive!  Read more

I’m definitely not either of those. I’m just at home with a toddler all day.  Read more

I don’t have issues holding the Z Fold 4. But ultimately, it’s an aesthetics thing.  Read more

Literally the only thing that gets me on the Peloton is that I can preview the track listing to see if it fits my vibe.  Read more

I didn’t just test them _behind_ a TV. I used that as an example of how I eventually settled on them. Regardless, my TV is angled against a deep corner, and the HomePods were pretty good at making use of those acoustics to bounce sound back out. Give Apple a little credit here ;)
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Correct. No more cloud syncing, but a localized data file instead. The idea is that your built-in encryption chip should shield all that. I think it might do that on Samsung devices, but I need to check how it works on other devices, like Pixel phones.  Read more

They don’t own any of the content on YouTube TV. They only own the rights to stream.  Read more

I dunno, Donna’s hair was pretty high in that first season.  Read more

Thank you for this. I’m working merely off screenshots!  Read more

I have wanted more file transfer functionality than what Phone Link currently offers. Read more

Do you pay for Google One? All Google One members have had access to it.  Read more

This is body shaming and we don’t do that here. Also, Joey was one of the best dancers. Y’all need to spend more time on boybandtok.  Read more

The point I was trying to make is that if you’re aching to spend that much money, at least get something that’s interesting/a little more functional.  Read more

There’s still the Galaxy S23/S23+ available, so it’s not like this is Samsung’s only phone offering. The traditionalists still have a solid Android smartphone.

I would have rather seen Samsung make one basic smartphone in two offerings, like the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Three SKUs is excessive.  Read more

No one should be spending $1,200 on a smartphone, period. If you are going to spend that much to have the “ultimate” in specs, at least get something that’s innovative.  Read more