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Honestly, this is fine with me...as long as I can finally have dark mode. I’ve spent too many years being blinded by the Fitbit app. Read more

It’s been up for preorder since Friday. It goes on sale later this week. Read more

What I want and have wanted for years is to set the snooze duration for an alarm.  Read more

This happened to me yesterday, what a pain in the ass. Read more

Hmmmmmm, so non-first world problems.
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If anyone likes to say anything about Android doing something with widgets first, I just remind them that Apple first created widgets with Macs back in 1984 and were called Desk Accessories. I honestly don’t care myself. Everything is derivative and/or usually stolen from small time developers anyway. But I do get Read more

You think spammers are going to start making facetime messages?? Why would they waste time with that when they don’t know what kind of phone you have and the majority of phones are android or landlines? Read more

Not bothering to read this because slideshow but I watched LTT’s video this morning and it seems like a thing that might be easily “accidentally” done Read more

Yet another article I won’t read because it’s in this stupid slideshow format. Read more

Makes sense. I only use cables when traveling. Read more

Fine by me. I only plug in for CarPlay myself. But people that use their phone for heavy photo and video use still need a wire. Read more

When it was introduced, lightning connection was far superior to the then-current mini and micro USB. But technology advanced, as it does, and brought us newer and better options. Read more

Honestly, in my experience lightning cords are cheaper and easier to come by than USB-C. I see them in almost any store or gas station I go into and can be had for a couple of bucks. USB-C cords OTOH can cost $15 minimum for a shorter cord at your local Target or electronics and office supply stores. Read more

Based on what they announced for connectivity options for the 15 pro (external storage, direct connect to Macs for pro video, photo) I really doubt they would. It also removes the main method their “Geniuses” use to troubleshoot devices. Why do you think they’re going to remove all ports by switching to USB-C? Read more

They still need to give us access to Nest Protects and to properly set up Nest Learning Thermostat schedules through the home app before they can it completely. The home app’s (in)ability to set thermostat schedules is a joke. Read more

Too bad, because the NEST app is way better than that shitty Google home crap.
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I like having a hardware SIM slot for travel. I used to like dual SIM phones, but since eSIM, I digitized my SIM and now use my one SIM slot for foreign data SIMs. Until everyone globally is onboard with eSIM, I still want a slot. Read more

*have to carry them around in their handbags/purse. Because pockets. Read more