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Senior staff reporter at Gizmodo specializing in astronomy, space exploration, SETI, archaeology, bioethics, animal intelligence, human enhancement, and risks posed by AI and other advanced tech.

So...The Thing. The Thing is real now. Great.

Hey, what’s in the box? None of your beeswax.

Johnson said the problems were not just budgetary in nature, but the result of “organizational weaknesses,” a reliance on unproven technologies, an “unrealistic timetable and acquisition approach,” among other complaints.

If I don’t survive this I just want everyone to know hate you all. Read more

Come on, SpaceX. Land that fucking thing.  

I think the main hindrance is the lack of access to fire, I’m really curious as to how difficult it would be to manipulate metal with thermal vents.

Indeed, the construction and use of any energy-producing or -consuming equipment entirely immersed in water (especially high-pressure water) is fraught with problems, especially if you’re talking about electricity. In addition, the environment of deep-sea habitats is much more stable than that of anything on land, so Read more

‘the “idea that muscle morphology—and by extension, muscle and organismal function—can be gleaned from the associated attachment site is an old and very tempting one that continues to be heavily debated,”’

I prefer to think the vial is half-full.


Did they try jiggling the handle?

What I’m taking away from this is that cat memes are older than the New Testament.

Very incisive cat reporting per usual by George.

Pretty sure Roscosmos is shaking in their boots. Paying customers for seats in their antique Soyuz rocket are one of the few things they have going for them these days. Note that just in the last week or two they’ve announced a new rocket project that closely mimics SpaceX, both in form factor (highly similar to Read more

Cave bears (Ursus spelaeus) went extinct just prior to the end of the last ice age some 15,000 years ago, though possibly as early as 27,800 years ago. Read more

Excellent story.  Thank you for writing it and bringing this subject to our attention.