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All solid examples (Pitch Perfect even has a TV show!) but in each case, the originals all came out before the first Wick. Plus none of their most recent iterations had the biggest opening of the franchise like Wick did. Those are all dead while Wick is now thriving. (Knives Out could belong alongside Avatar and A Read more

Agreed. This is a big one I missed and shouldn’t have. I’m gonna add it! Read more

Damn. What a panel. Starting with She Hulk, ending with Wakanda Forever, Phase 5 and Phase 6 in the middle. Holy crap.  Read more

The Black Panther Wakanda Forever trailer is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The cast is on stage crying and hugging right now. Feige then closed the show and played it again Read more

“I want to say something about inclusion. I’m from the hood. For real. And it’s beacuse of inclusion, that I’m here” - Tenoch Huerta, the new Namor. Read more

Winston Duke keeps doing his chants and the whole crowd barks back. So excellent.  Read more

The full cast of BP2 just came out, returning members as well as new ones including Namor the Submariner! Official! Read more

Huge applause when BP director Ryan Coogler mentioned Chadwick Boseman.  Read more

Phase 6 will start with Fantastic Four in 2024 and then end with two Avengers movies: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. That will bring a close to THE MULTIVERSE SAGA, the second complete MCU Saga Read more

Maria from Borat 2 is Cosmo the Space Dog! Which is kind of wild and random and awesome.  Read more

Sean Gunn says the most rewarding part of working on Guardians has been working with his brother.  Read more

Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy 3 footage. Gamora is leading the Ravagers. She doesn’t remember them. Also - Remember Baby Groot? Now GOTG 3 will have BABY ROCKET! In flashbacks. First footage looks really funny, focused mostly on the Peter/Gamora reunion. Read more

James Gunn started working on Guardians of the Galaxy 10 years ago this week. Oh, right, Guardians 3 has begun.  Read more

Just saw an in room only trailer for Ant-Man: Quantummania. Scott has written a book about saving the world. The family gives him crap. They then all get sucked into the Quantum Realm and Kang is there. “Have I killed you before?” he asks Scott.  Read more

Evangeline Lilly here, Paul Rudd, Peyton Reed and it’ll spend time in the quantum realm.  Read more