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8/05/20 11:28AM

I remember that article as it was what got me into using the app. At this point I haven’t spent any money on it & have over 32.4 million coins (114 crystals). I want to get it to 40 million coins just to see if Topps throws out some super rare “bait” card to get me to spend a huge chuck of the coins as having that Read more

8/05/20 9:25AM

If you play much at all you end up with a lot of free cards and packs. You can totally collect cards without spending a penny, but getting rare cards is very (very) difficult. 

8/05/20 3:30AM

I can’t help wondering about the lifespan of these games, i.e. how long the apps will continue to work on their associated platforms. Many games that I have spent ridiculous amounts of time playing over the years are now no longer supported by the new OS of whatever device I was using (iOS, Windows, etc.), and all my Read more

8/05/20 12:37AM

Did you hear about the Mustafar Anakin Skywalker rare card? It costs an arm and a leg.

8/05/20 12:22AM

I’ve got two copies of this, but you wouldn’t like them because they are real physical cards.

8/04/20 9:59PM

Oh man. Star Wars Card Trader is the game that finally got me into mobile games. Only lasted a couple months, but it was the gateway. Read more

8/04/20 9:12PM

Hoarding was a ball!I don’t anymore but I was one of the first to get Base Series 1 BaR2-D2 years ago. When the monuments launched jerks were wanting rate cards for one white base. Read more

3/03/20 10:39AM

Pretty cool! I’m not a huge fan of the art style though. 

12/06/19 4:44PM

Eh, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that’s at least, shall we say, a Jedi truth. I don’t doubt that there was a very broad strokes, overarching story, in more or less the same way that Lucas had a very broad, overarching story for the prequels before he started writing. Read more

10/04/19 3:31PM

I haven’t had a chance to get out yet, and don’t have much money. I don’t think I will be very lucky when I look a couple of places later tonight.

10/04/19 3:00PM

I was thinking about getting something, but I decided to pass on the Black Series figures, Figuarts will come out with theirs soon enough which are much nicer (though more expensive of course) and Hot Toys has their 1/6th scale figures, so I decided to just ignore the cheaper ones for now. BTW the Hot Toys Manalorian Read more

9/18/19 9:44AM

I know it’s intentional, but it bothers me that the north shore of Amity Island is on Cape Cod Bay and the south shore is on Nantucket Sound.  That’s impossible!

9/18/19 8:38AM

My only, ONLY regret for this hobby was missing out on the Olly Moss Star Wars Trilogy set, and Tyler Stout’s Trilogy set.  The prices for those would have paid for a third of the value of my flipping WRX!

9/17/19 5:45PM

I have questions for poster collectors, because I’d like to be one. Do you frame, and hang every print? If not, do you swap them out every so often? Keeping them flat, in map drawers, seems like a lot of trouble if you want to look at them, or even show them off to guests. I don’t mean that to sound snarky, but if it Read more