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For me, I just didn’t finish it. Looked gorgeous and the world felt as lived in as ever, but Aloy was low key getting on my nerves and it felt like Guerrilla spent 5 years working on it without really changing much beyond making platforming worse and adding six skill trees for no reason. Read more

Where would you say Hustle ranks in terms of Sandler’s recent streak of movies? I loved him in Uncut Gems, I’m just not sure I wanna sit through some of his other work within the last few years (that I think are all Netflix movies?).  Read more

All the Morbius smoke effects made me want to play Infamous: Second Son again. So I did that. It was fun, though the plot really doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Too bad Infamous 1 & 2 aren’t on the PS Store unless you suscribe to the premium PS Plus tier. I would have loved playing those again. Read more

Here’s the thing, I just googled some pictures of Hubbard, and I can weirdly see it.  Read more

McGregor was the best part of the prequels, so as long as you’re bought into his Obi-Wan from back then, shouldn’t hurt to check out. (Would say the same about Clone Wars, which makes prequel Kenobi into a much more complicated character.) Read more

Oh, I hope you enjoy Gravity, that show was my shit back in the day. Very good kid horror. Read more

ANTM was more of my sister’s thing, but what I did see of it was definitely something. simultaneously one of the messiest reality shows in our current era and just something truly incredible to behold, genuinely don’t know where we’d be without it to some degree or another. Read more

What do you count as the drop off point, because I feel like things began to fluctuate in quality hard with season 3 and Savitar, but 4 and 5 felt like decent if not genuine improvements.  Read more

Watched Strange 1 a few days ahead of MoM, and I’m kinder to BC’s performance than I was back in 2016. I think he’s good as a smarty dick, but he’s much better when he’s playing Supreme Strange, or even zombified Defender Strange. (Strange Prime going “who says he has to be alive?” was an extremely good, fun line Read more

I imagine that some of these are easier locks than others; Atwell will probably be back as Peggy for whenever Avengers: Secret Wars hits so she and Chris Evans can toss the shield back and forth while kicking the Beyonder’s ass*, and ditto Lynch as Maria, if only because parents meeting their adult kids is an Read more

Arrow’s Vigilante feels weird to even call Vigilante, given what they did that character. I think I remember reading something about how they straight up didn’t even know who he’d end up being when he showed up, and that’s why they kicked that storyline to the following season. Read more

I reallllly liked Dune when I saw it back in October, so I hope you enjoy it too! Just efficient, good as hell sci-fi. Read more

Been meaning to check it out, will do so. I do think it kinda got buried by other things when it came out (which I think was November?). Read more

Somewhere in the Spartan program, there’s a few of them that are a Genesis cover band when they’re off duty and honestly? They ain’t half bad.  Read more

My condolences on your cat. 10 years is a long time, and it’s good that you had as much time with him as you did.  Read more

I will agree with Cena being in Guardians, but I feel like he would’ve been a better fit for Drax. Given his physique and the way he can flips between making and being the butt of jokes, that feels like a role he would’ve easily slipped into. (Not to take away from Bautista, who is real good in that role.) Honestly, I Read more

Also got turned on to Owl House before season 2 hit, and it is an utter delight. It’s a shame that it’s apparently ending at only 3 seasons when it’s charming enough to go for at least two more.  Read more

What’s that show’s fight to plot ratio? From what I remember of Into the Badlands and Iron Fist, there’d be at least 3 or 4 fights per episode.  Read more