Hudson Hongo
8/28/19 4:23PM

i haven’t seen the martian so i didn’t know if they showed matt damon starving to death or not. and yeah, they are pretty similar. a colleague suggested ‘super gonorrhea,’ so just pretend i wrote abt that for one of them instead.

2/13/19 9:18AM

a) Police say she’s back! (Update at top of post.)
b) Uh, I’m not familiar. Will look into this.

9/13/14 1:13PM

Researching this it sounded like the bamboo charcoal was actually cooked into the bun and cheese as a powder, so to me the big question was whether that would give the burger any carcinogenic properties. As far as I can tell, food-grade bamboo charcoal is safe and free of PAHs but all the literature is in Japanese and Read more

8/19/14 7:53PM

Hey, glad you like Least Helpful. Two years later I think this review is still my favorite.

I touch on this in my Gawker piece, but I don't think there's anything Facebook could do to stop Literally Unbelievable. For about a year, one of Facebook's key search functions was broken and I got every Literally Unbelievable Read more

8/19/14 7:45PM

Hey, glad you've enjoyed my sites! Sadly I had to stop doing captions on LH when Gawker hired me to start Antiviral. I'm running four different blogs now and poor, under-loved Least Helpful had to take the hit.