Hudson Hongo
7/29/20 3:09PM

Been using this for a few weeks now for Moonlight streaming from my PC. This is generally a huge upgrade over my Gamevice (Gamevice actually partnered with Razer on the Kishi).   Read more

4/02/20 2:20PM

This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism we need in these times. I am in your debt.

4/02/20 1:15PM

But you didn’t try it with actual nipple piercings? It’s important to be thorough!

4/02/20 1:11PM

Beware (oh beware) of the fallacy of “I can recreate the current evidence, therefore that’s how the situation came to be. You are to be forgiven as it’s a popular one in, for instance, archaeological circles, (“We were able to wiggle these giant Moai statues forward, so that’s how it was originally done - case Read more

4/02/20 12:52PM

What if the nipple tape was used to cover up his nipple rings? How deep does this mystery go!?

4/02/20 12:47PM

Maybe they should just find him a dark-colored shirt.

3/04/20 2:42PM

Like the best Twilight Zone episodes, this hits hard and heavy because of how frighteningly close to real it feels. Read more

3/04/20 1:10PM

Hey, this is great. It really reminds me of the reality-side where the Nazis used  Pervitin to get things done or the Allies used Benzedrine to stay up. Or how the current military had to ban energy drinks... nicely done!

12/12/19 7:35AM

Excellent work.  I really appreciated it.  :)  

12/11/19 4:29PM

Beautifully done.  I almost never read these, but I just couldn’t stop.  You played my mind, great job.  Keep at it.

12/11/19 1:19PM

Holy crap that’s some serious cyberpunk material right there. I really hope this is a foundation for a larger novel!

12/11/19 12:12PM

Fun piece of Sci-fi. I would have enjoyed reading that in a collection of short stories. Read more

12/11/19 11:10AM

This is the most fascinating story I’ve read in ages, a blend of MindHunters and Transcedence. If someone doesn’t buy the rights to this story and make a film out of it, I’ll be VERY disappointed. Great stuff.