Jesus Diaz

Efectivamente, hablar sin saber es gratis e irresponsable. Lo estás demostrando tú escribiendo chorradas como pianos una tras otra.

please send this to tips. We will keep in mind for season 2 (if this season gets enough views, we will get there)

Maybe if we get it to be a success we will do this. The more people watches this, the more we will make. So spread the word ;-)

I think you will find that there’s something new to say about it. :-) And we got some exclusive footage that nobody has (not in the form we have it)

If you are selected, we will write to you. It doesn’t take too long.

This is not a video. It’s a 3D render.

That was really it, yes. And every time it was a disappointment.

I applaud and share the sentiment. That video is the closer we can get to it for now :-)

Would you keep the knowledge you gained? Or just return to that point in time? If it’s the first, I will keep my save point at about 1 day old and keep going back at around 50.

They look amazing. Can get to down one or two.

No theme. It just have to be awesome. If you read Sploid and watch what we post here, you'd know.

It's a grey area, but could reach 30. We are aiming at 15 minutes. It could be 3 minutes too.

Camera moves, changes perspective.

ISS moving in orbit, changes perspective.