Keith Veronese

I am jealous of your Saturday.

1) Delete everything on PVR. 2) Watch Rick and Morty.

Is Montreal accepting expatriates from Alabama at the moment?

Never thought about it like that, but it does seem like they come across a phenomenal amount...

Glad to do it - it's a fun one IMO.

MountDewm, you are my favorite poster.

So true. Poor kiddos won't know the joy of a velvet bag filled with 20 tokens.

Truth. It's funny to see people out at arenas sporting those throwbacks. The Bure-era skate ones are the best IMO.

Anytime we can bring up late 70s/early 80s goalies and those sweet ol' canucks jerseys, I'm game.

Me too. To be honest, I didn't watch it before the commenter screamed at me to add it to SMC, and now, I love it. Great show.

Not enough people seemed excited about Dragons (or Dandy for that matter) - had to make some cuts with several shows coming back from hiatus.

That darn kid is part of the black parade.

Want Chozen? I'm in - I liked it.

It's a recap for the stuff earlier in the week, with previews of the shows airing in the next day or two. Besides, the clips for the shows that air early in the week don't drop before Saturday morning. It would be a shame to not include a clip from Adventure Time and the like in a cartoons recap, so it's the previous Read more