Keith Veronese

The arcade a ten minute walk from here in downtown Montreal begs to differ.

the turtles have like 350 thousand dollars worth of rugs

And this is my favorite running post, thanks.

It seems since people still don't get it this is necessary but: Read more

I bet kids are confused as hell every time one of these cartoons has an episode set at an arcade.

TMNT and Marvel crossover: IRON TURTLE

There's a very funny novel called The Banana Massacre in which Bananadine plays an integral role.

Would've been one-time if his foul on Manu would have counted but nah, that would not have made Stern happy.

No mention of Keith David and Roddy Piper re-enacting their epic fistfight from They Live in Adventure Time?

Well at least Bosh is excited.

Those old Canucks jerseys are scarier than the mask.

I think they got it from Gary Bromley's mask: