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Disagree. The satellite was pulled right off the assembly line of Millennium Space Systems factory—time didn’t need to be allocated to create the satellite in this scenario. Future iterations of tactically responsive space will have satellites on standby, again, not time wasted to build. Read more

The guy auctioning off the mic is the guy who owns it. Read more

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Great point. Kelly Clarkson had a great take on the Howard Stern show about the Bebe Rexha incident. She said that a lot of the times singers will sing with their eyes closed at moments, leaving them even more vulnerable. Plus the lights, choreography, and stage decor can be even more distracting.

You won’t see some random person swarming a Taylor Swift stage Read more

Yeah my brother went to many a Warped Tours and my mother was understandably worried. He emerged unscathed though. Read more

Thanks so much Ryan! I really appreciate the feedback. Read more

I appreciate the feedback! That’s a great suggestion, I’ll see what I can do. Read more

I don’t actually mind podcasts being hosted on Spotify despite it being a music app. However, I’ve been really put off by Spotify’s insistence on hosting video for podcasts in addition to audio. Even though I can turn it off in settings, then the episode won’t play sometimes. Honestly the podcast effort has been Read more

Interesting. I think this is supposed to be the the woman in the back’s second hand since AI is notoriously bad at generating hands accurately. Honestly I’m surprised it did as well as it did here. Read more

HA when I saw the beginning of your comment I immediately knew this would be about the Juicero Read more

Yeah I agree with you. One of the challenges I had while rating these things was the fact that there’s just so much better engineering around. I argue that a majority of the kitchen gadgets could’ve been replaced by the simple air fryer, which we all know and love today, but a lot of these gizmos had a really novel Read more