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Isn’t AI just a version of a computer simulator with graphics? I mean you “fly” an aircraft in a computer game...and you get the feeling that your flying. The instruments works like a plane, the cockpit windows show clouds, terrain, etc “realistically”...isn’t that what a talking AI is...just another game to fool you. Read more

That investment in Sprint was some grade-A business-ing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.  Read more

No thanks. A walled garden teamed up with an invasive, creative theft monster. Sounds like an all consuming, black box of destruction. I’ll pass. Read more

Interesting - as a lazy person who’s never used an exercise bike, I was curious how bad the build quality actually is. Sounds like they cut corners on manufacturing because they considered themselves an app company first. Thanks for the perspective! Read more

They got big enough to buy Precor at one point, so they do own a commercial gym equipment line.  But agree on the non-sustainable part.  I get a membership to a full gym chain, with pools, and classes included for not much more than the monthly membership to Peloton.  Personally I think they make good products and the Read more

A normal road bike seat post is also held in place using pressure only, that part really isn’t a big deal. I suspect Peloton does it this way because a pin clipped seatpost can’t make as granular of adjustments.  Read more

What do you mean the seat is attached by pressure? Are you talking about a typical quick release pin ? If so, what’s wrong with that? I’ve competitively road and mountain cycled for years and never had a problem Read more

Oh, now you’re going to get hate from the “ACTUALLY only outdoor cycling is real” crowd. Read more

Weird that a lot of companies that got used to the status quo of the pandemic are seeing everything implode a mere two-ish years later.
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longtime cycling instructor here. The Peloton app/platform is, actually, pretty great. I did not have high hopes, but I joined during COVID and was shocked at how much I liked it. Plenty of variety not just in cycling, but other workouts, and they do have a good mix of instructor styles/personalities. I got way into Read more


Peloton was never sustainable. They only became a household name due to luck and aggressive marketing during the COVID pandemic. Read more

Is it an A.I. problem or a capitalism problem?
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Spirit Airlines: “The School Bus of the Skies” Read more

Murrica today: steal other peoples’ shit and auction it off. Read more