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Thank you for pointing this out. We’re trying to track down the best info on this that we can. Will update the story further when possible. Read more

As noted in the article, dogs (and sometimes cats) will “sploot” just for the hip stretch. More info on that here:
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People can and do eat the snails, but when it comes to safely eating wild-caught ones a lot of precautions have to be taken! More info on this here: Read more

Thanks for pointing this out. The photo has been updated to show a U.S. Tesla Supercharger. Read more

Thanks for pointing out the error, article has been corrected.  Read more

Yes it’s true that developing the recycling systems would cost money—I reference the challenge of creating this new infrastructure throughout the story. This sentence was not as well-worded as it should’ve been.

What I meant to insinuate with this is that mining sand will always be a materially and ecologically Read more

Going to assume this is in good faith and respond:

1) Yes, obviously we need to improve the state of our electric grid. This requires significant infrastructure investment at every level of government as well as mitigating climate change. The more fossil fuels we burn, the more frequent and intense extreme weather Read more

Thank you for the correction! The caption has now been fixed and the change is noted (with credit to you) at the bottom.  Read more

All sorts of adaptation strategies are possible, and certainly carrying lighter pollen loads is one. More research is needed to figure out how bumblebess are actually managing this. Regardless of specific strategy though, anything the insects do that limits their foraging capacity will probably have unavoidable downstr Read more

Appreciate this critique. The article wasn’t intended to necessarily argue for anything—just point out that CCS is a big factor in the policy proposal and explain the potential risk of that. If the new EPA rule ends up enacted, it could become yet another driver that pushes U.S. energy down a fruitless path.

As Greig Read more

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Every day. And I maintain they *shouldn’t* be a roller coaster ride.  Read more

Yeah, the mixed use question is a valid one. I don’t know how that will pan out in the building codes.  Read more

As stated in the 3rd paragraph of the article, and again in the last section: There is an exception for commercial kitchens. Read more

That sentence was missing a “which”. It has now been corrected, thank you for pointing out the typo!  Read more

Yes, the wings were replaced Read more

This story is about electric trucks, explicitly NOT “gas-guzzling trucks”. But I do point out the environmental downsides of EV expansion, rather extensively.

I also reference more than one analysis comparing the environmental footprints of EVs vs. gas-powered cars. For your reference: Even when the grid is powered by Read more