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Please don’t turn out to be some NFT garbage... Read more

Andor and to some extent Rogue One feel like a repudiation of Lucas’ Star Wars: real power lies with the people, not a cadre of space wizards in robes, and trying is as important as doing. Read more

Brazilian here, this case is very famous in the country. Read more

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It’s not the first time. Remember when Bill Nye sang the praises of fossil fuels and “clean coal” in a Disney ride sponsored by Exxon Mobil?

This is a very informative article. Loved reading every bit of it Read more

Will we see 6-drink Amy? Read more

Yeah I gotta disagree with James’ framing of Luke here as cold or uncaring when offering the choice. That isn’t the vibe I got at all.
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I agree, although I have to point out that the Wario Ware twisted is specifically a game that by its nature (having a motion sensor built into the cart) makes itself difficult to emulate. Read more

Chase used to say “It’s all there” in response to questions about what happened, and so this is the stance I’ve had about it too. I mean, yeah, he probably does get killed, but I always took that cut to black as it didn’t matter if it happened there or down the line. Right before, he finds out that someone in his crew Read more

Yeah, I mean literally every conversation with Bobby — including rehashing that conversation in Tony’s head after Bobby was already killed — made it pretty clear what had happened in that final scene. Read more

Unfortunately, there is a vast, overwhelming amount of cultural literalists out there. Read more

The thing that really puts me off about the game is the fact that there are no voices at all. It just sounds weird and empty. Read more

If they retire, we’ll never get to see their version of a Garfield movie.
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Follow-up question: is there a part where Moss Man gets lost in the backyard and isn’t found until he breaks the lawnmower? Read more