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Lawsuit? They should go to jail.

It should also result in the disbarment of the attorney that filed it.

Which mostly vote Republican so this is just killing their base off. Read more

“We’re going to need a lot more witches.

If this was a Law & Order episode, Sam Waterston would try to have them arrested for attempted murder.

Condoms are masks for a particular form of sneezing.

Ok, its the train wreck effect, I had to look. My highlights from the comparison list. These are just hilarious until you realise this is in a document they submitted to an actual court.

What a weak, venal little coward.

When you have a face that looks like a bulls ass all that’s ever gonna come out of that hole is bullshit.

If you consider that the only thing that works really well is to add money and to trade, and the near impossible thing to do is to get customer service etc, Binance is a machine (It’s all about the Benjis). Lol, it’s like a casino, the more you play, house wins. I wonder if “someone built algos that manipulates Read more

“I threw an irresponsible amount of my money into a website with bad app store reviews, no transparency and no customer service number. I am not tech savvy so decided to do this myself rather than with the help of someone more versed in these matters or a financial professional. When my account was locked down, I Read more

Isn’t the libertarian argument that it’s OK not to rely on coercive states, because if you’re a scammer people just won’t do business with you any more and thus the invisible hand of the market will dole out appropriate consequences?

Man a modern version of The Music Man where he’s scamming a town with cryptocurrency instead of music sure would be a wild thing to see. Keep it a musical.

Wow, and I used to think Bitmex was shady.  At least they never stole my money.  CZ should spend the rest of his life behind bars for all the lives he’s destroyed.

Bitcoin trading is one of those things where I think a pre-requisite to investing in them should require you to go to the closest SEC office and sign a form that goes something like:
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That’s more of a Shelbyville idea

And a Monorail for the cities of North Haverbrook, Ogdenville, Brockway and Springfield.