Max Read
Jul 1 2015

I used to make a lot of guacamole with mango and mint instead of cilantro. I feel like you can put a lot of kinds of vegetables in guacamole and it’ll taste pretty good. Even peas. Just my opinion. Thanks.

Jun 22 2015

Somber silliness is part of what made this show a Whole Thing last year, sure, but only a part, a third at best, and the other two pieces of the Triforce—Matthew McConaughey’s superhuman ability to make goofball nihilism sing and a credulous, super-jazzed online mob vying to conspiracy-theorize the whole shebang to Read more

Jan 9 2015

"who was disinvited from speaking on a Gawker Media-sponsored panel for sending a reply-all to other speakers he had not yet met that simply said 'die'"

Aug 20 2014

Kyle, Brian Burghart of Fatal Encounters has been trying to put together a very similar database for a while. I'm inviting him to the page with this content, since you guys should get in touch.

Aug 18 2014

This is literally a humorous description of animal abuse.

Jul 23 2014

Gabby Bluestone? She's taking the bar! In like two days!! Cross your fingers for her!!!

Jul 23 2014

We had a private room but Joel forced us to use the public one.

Jul 1 2014

Former Gawker editor-in-chief John Cook loves Bruce Springsteen but hates sports.

Jun 26 2014

For an article that's meant to explain from a positivist point of view why astrology is harmful, there's a bizarre lack of empirical evidence of its harms. I see a lot of speculation from science bloggers here (not to mention specious comparisons: astrology and racism, really?), but no scientific evidence that Read more

Jun 18 2014

Hey Dickey—hate to correct a big Time magazine reporter here but the company you refer to as Blogwire Hungary Szellemi Alkotást Hasznosító Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság is now known as Kinja Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság. It is a separate company from Gawker Media, a Delaware-based limited liability corporation.

Jun 17 2014

Jen, I recently learned that you invited my employee Sam Biddle to a wedding only to disinvite him later. Sam has been reticent to tell me the circumstances, so I'm hoping you could elaborate, and possibly lay some sick burns on Sam in the process. TIA.

Jun 11 2014

Yeah, you guys should replace all the section breaks in Greg's Jason Whitlock story with "AS FOR YOU, TODD."