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Writing about climate change, renewable energy, and Big Oil/Big Gas/Big Everything for Earther. Formerly of the Center for Public Integrity & Nexus Media News. I'm very tall & have a very short dog.

the lithium deposits in arkansas are in the form of brine reservoirs, so yep, you drill :)  Read more

eugh. us reporters have zero control over what y’all see on the site, but i will ask. thanks for the flag Read more

aren’t they so cool?? was really geeking out putting this slideshow together not gonna lie Read more

nah we pride ourselves on diversity of content here at gizmodo dot com ;-) Read more

wow tough crowd for such an intentionally silly post :( Read more

thank you for recognizing my substantial skill and commitment to shoe-leather journalism to answering the toughest questions of our time Read more

i would also really, really love that (as would most of the folks on staff) :) Read more

thanks pit pat for your helpful comment. if you find those other before/after shots you were talking about on the image wire services we use that are easily available for us to put together for these slideshows on a very tight turnaround, please let me know! Read more

buddy i would simply LOVE to be doing that, but cost cuts to newsrooms aren’t just limited to local news Read more

no idea what you’re trying to critique here my guy, but my education was great, thanks, glad you apparently googled me and thanks for reading :) Read more

i love writing them as much as you love reading them! Read more

the 50-50 quote comes directly from the update from the world meteorological organization, which is an agency of the UN comprised of dozens of weather stations across the globe. but okay Read more

you’re right! we love the earth wind map at earther :) Read more

no shame, we at earther genuinely just thought it was funny that his car runs on wine and cheese lol Read more

absolutely there are better uses! the issue is no one is buying the nuclear because it’s so expensive, even though we need that carbon-free power when wind and solar are offline. plants are sitting there producing power that essentially no one is using while losing money and coming closer to closing. Read more