Patrick Lucas Austin
Staff Reporter, Gizmodo

Did you get a chance to use it with the Surface Dial?

Can’t tell if serious or joking...

Sorry, I should’ve been more specific: if you are a Nobody, you can most certainly touch the ordnance.

Yes, because I think they had a well-received product and an ecosystem to match and simply dropped the ball.

Bless you, sir. I’m glad to have allies in this fight.

Why can’t you just let us have our things?

Why have I never thought of just throwing my already wet clothes into the shower I’m about to enter?

What’s so bad about silence?

You’re very welcome. I think mine was under $10, so it was an easy decision. I’m kind of looking forward to the next accident so I can pull out the heavy duty equipment again.

Procreate is great! My focus was drawing apps for beginners, which is why Paper made my list instead of the very capable Procreate.