Patrick Lucas Austin
Staff Reporter, Gizmodo
Dec 20 2018

A group of screenshots is not a very useful justification for a game being on a top 10 of the year list.
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Sep 20 2018

[This is the place where a second person is supposed to add some dickish snark about how poorly edited the website is, ignoring the fact that we continue reading it and it doesn’t actually cost anything. Something something gawker something.]

Aug 3 2018

I feel like there could be room for a $150 phone that patches a few of the shortcomings here while still remaining undeniably cheap.

Jun 26 2018

i dont know, i feel nothing is ever going to top the Jesus restoration :

Jun 18 2018

Hey, so, just a thought: some of you are like, “CPM isn’t married,” and I am, and if my partner continually dug at my competence and independence, I’d ditch ‘em.

Jun 11 2018

Pretty insecure, though. With a little digging anybody can get root access.

May 22 2018

I have owned SCUF controllers, but my all time fav is the RAZER Raiju.
Outstanding ergonomics for my slightly Larger hands (too big for size L gloves, too small for XL) The back “paddles” are triggers that are easier to reach. Two extra top “bumpers” on each side are intuitive as well.

May 11 2018

VR is dead, because of this bull “closed system” crap. Headsets are a device, just like a mouse or a gamepad.

May 11 2018

Well considering that the only way to further the adoption rate is to have everyone adopt the better technology and take steps forward, I’d say it’s a fairly reasonable gripe to have.