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“... to talk to about options for women in the military and how an Army career could affect married or family life...” Read more

Why are we so paranoid about what pregnant women see? Read more

As I post in every Egyptian movie thread, the depictions of Egyptians on temples and tombs was never meant to be a literal depiction of their skin color. Usually many different colors were used, from brown to white to cream to green to black.

Yeah. Some of the statistics mentioned in this piece are much better than Russian Roulette odds, but I doubt the author would be down for a game. Read more

So can we talk about people who rail against statistics and think they’re gonna be the ones to beat the odds? Read more

At my school (which required both sexes to wear uniforms), the dress code for the boys was one short paragraph of the student handbook. There were three basic principles: ties were mandatory, shirt had to be tucked in, and pants had to be held up by a belt. Read more

Depending on how fancy/casual this wedding is, I suggest ModCloth. They have a large selection of “special occasion” dresses in various styles and colors + they have a wide range of sizes and shapes for all bodies. ASOS always has a great selection too. Read more

Yes, but that's the headache to which I'm referring. I'm not saying it can't be done. Obviously there are loads of delightful children who eat a wide variety of food and are grateful for it and have manners and etc. But they don't pop out of your body that way. You must spend years cultivating the child. That is a Read more

The last chapter in particular is just heartbreaking every time I read it.

Sanderson is a better writer than GRRM and a much better writer than Jordan. Read more

That bat flower looks really awesome and it only costs 5 quid where I am. I think I have my next plant. Read more