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I’d put Neptune as number one, but otherwise, not a bad list. Much better than the other couple of them I’ve seen lately. Read more

Much like a Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Saturn is not just a destination, it’s a feeling. Read more

Wha??? She recently* became my favorite sci-writer & NOW SHE’S LEAVING? Read more

That feeling you get when you find out your fav space writer on Giz is leaving the site tomorrow to go and do more awesome space writing things.

Your header on this really made me call on the floor with laughter. Nice job! Read more

Hi, I don’t make it over to these waters much, but I just wanted to say that the your title of “Space Writer” is fucking badass.
Read more

Fantastic article. From the headline alone it immediately resonates. Read more

I believe the saddest part about this is various companies find methods to capitalize off of sexual assault. Women shouldn’t have to pay a large fee every year to have access to a service that stops something happening which shouldn’t even be happening in the first place. Read more

All these product concepts seem good for is generating buzz and sending entirely the wrong message to both men and women. Read more

Here’s an anti-rape gadget that I think would work pretty well: robust educational curricula regarding consent and sexual autonomy. Read more

This is a fantastic article. I don’t have a snarky comment or an animated gif to add this time. Thanks for the write up, I will spend the next 24 hours clikcking through to all the links. Read more

Yes, all of your Cassini articles have been fascinating. If you really want to get the waterworks going, look at the “Cassini Grand Finale” video, muted, while listening to Bowie’s “Starman.” Read more

The best writer in the “Gawker” suite of sites. Period. Read more

Space has a funny way of making us feel both incredibly small yet infinitely lucky for being part of such a vast cosmic sorority. Read more