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Just don’t feed him after midnight. Or get him wet. Direct sunlight’s probably a bad idea as well. Read more

Shocked no one mentioned that Aaron dropped $4000 on a motorcycle to offset the L train’s shutdown last year, just to learn the L train would not be shutting down. I have no idea why he still owns the bike. Read more

Why is there always a jackass there with a Jesus saves sign? You never see them at sport games. Anyway that Mr. Spock was pretty cool!
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Handlebars were never meant to make your fall safer, they’re used to steer; like bikes.
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So, can I go there to get a rad hd crt for gaming? Read more

That is an incredibly well-preserved NES right there. It’s next to impossible to keep the housing from yellowing (like the one sitting on top of it, or the bottom half of the SNES beneath it).

Excellent work...thanks E-Waste Warehouse!  Read more

I would sure love to snag that vintage Marantz receiver from the latest Geiko commercial Read more

I remember when Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets were supposed to result in a 2-3 day, 6 hour per day work week for accountants and finance people. Read more

...no...words.... they should have sent a poet... /cries Read more