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Steve Bannon’s legal counsel in his criminal money laundering case has said they intend to withdraw from representing Bannon following his podcast performance yesterday in which he called for violence against Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Bannon said that he would like to go further than firing Read more

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reports that Trump’s former digital guru and disgraced campaign manager is writing a book. It will surely be full of lies about Trump, Cambridge Analytica, and his own rise and fall from power. But he sure would sell more books if he told the truth. Read more

Biden’s lead in Nevada doubles as Clark County ballot counts have just come in. Trump is currently down in the state by just over 22,000 votes. Read more

NBC News is now calling spaceman Mark Kelly as the winner of a Senate seat in Arizona. Kelly currently has a lead of more than 3 points. This is the second time in two years that Martha McSally has lost the Senate race in Arizona. The Governor of Arizona appointed McSally to fill a vacancy in the Senate at the end of Read more

Postal workers are still trying to get ballots into valid locations after the USPS underwent months of sabotage. 1,000 ballots were picked up in Philadelphia facilities on Thursday and 300 in Pittsburgh, according to Politico. U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered the USPS to do twice-daily sweeps to ensure Read more

While a few outlets have called the race for Biden, others are remaining cautious. The AP explains that it’s withholding judgement on Pennsylvania despite the belief that Biden should be picking up an even larger lead because the race is still falling within the margin of triggering a recount.  Read more

Moments ago, the Trump campaign issued a statement saying that “this election is not over.” The statement moans that some outlets are calling the race too early and insists that Trump has a path to victory. According to Axios, staff at the White House is most concerned that Fox News will call a winner today because in Read more

His ruthless self interest made him easily manipulable into issuing a few good pardons for publicity. Read more

At 6:26 PM, President Trump tweeted, “News Conference at 6:30 P.M.” At 9:38 PM, the President shared a video from said news conference. Also at 9:38 PM, POTUS shared a separate video from said news conference. Also at 9:38 PM, President Trump shared another video from said news conference. Also at 9:38 PM, President Read more

I get that Trump is trying to hand wave away the fact that equal access was granted to Republican poll watchers, but this appearance is pathetic. He’s just rattling off instances of “shenanigans” that have no weight in court.  Read more

According to Bloomberg, a judge in Georgia has rejected a Trump campaign lawsuit that was reportedly claiming on-time ballots were mixed in with late-arrivals. The judge found that Trump’s team had not provided evidence for its claims.  Read more

The Trump campaign is scheduled to make an announcement in Las Vegas at 11:30 AM EST. The latest round of ballot counting data from Nevada is expected around noon today and the Trump campaign will reportedly file a lawsuit in the state claiming that 10,000 votes were cast by people who no longer live in the state. Read more

The President is hereby claiming victory in a bunch of states he hasn’t won. Twitter moderators have already stepped in. Read more

CNN is calling Michigan for Biden. The AP still hasn’t called the state but Biden is reported to have a healthy lead. Read more

Eric Trump tweets a declaration of victory in Pennsylvania. The votes in Pennsylvania have not been counted and there is no clear winner in the state. But falsely claiming victory seems to be the direction things are going. Read more