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Oh, hey. Y’all are back. Good. Hope you got all of the shit you wanted from management.  Read more

Last September, according to a timeline of events provided by the Anchorage School District, a swim team parent went so far as to take photos of the teenager at a swim meet and then send them to others Read more

1) The kid who recently got picked up by ICE was an American citizen. His mother even brought his birth certificate and they insisted it was fake. He spent a month sleeping on a floor in an overcrowded cell with 60 men. The kid lost 20 pounds because these concentration camps aren’t providing basic food or medical Read more

She is a goddamned national treasure and I wish every day she hadn’t left this group of sites. Though I’m certainly happy she’s moving up in life. Read more

As species, we have little in common with bees, fruit flies and beetles. Bugs are so alien to us that it’s hard to


I think the “don’t attend his meetings” is a very childish approach and would be even less effective than attending it. Read more

I think you have mistaken obsessive compulsive disorder for someone being creative. Read more

Yes, probably stop motion captured as it was disassembled. Read more

Sometimes I wonder what I could accomplish with an obssesive compulsive disorder.
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Not to just be excited about this because of Citizenfour.. but shit, I’m excited about this because of Citizenfour. Assange is quite a bit more controversial than Snowden (in my, obviously, liberal opinion).. but Poitras tells an incredible story. Excited to see if this can be as gripping. Read more

I think I’ll wait on word whether or not it’s a feature length love letter to the sellout (couldn’t think of a better word) before watching. Read more

Techdirt has stayed with it for some time as well. If you haven’t read through the cases from the beginning, it’s worth a read. The number of legal tricks they attempted is astounding. Read more

Looks like he won’t be able to beat this off
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Vladimir Putin: “Perhaps bribe will solve legal troubles for Trump puppets? Say 199999 rubles” Read more