9/29/16 2:27PM

How much can we generalize about other comets from the molecular findings from Rosetta? For instance, does the presence of oxygen on 67P mean oxygen is present on comets in general?

9/29/16 2:06PM

I was also wondering about the water found on Comet 67P. I know that the water isn’t quite the same as the water here on Earth, but just how different is it? For instance, would the water be usable to us, with some processing? Read more

9/01/16 2:32PM

Nope, brand new. The first used rocket was set to launch later this year.

8/29/16 12:45PM

Really looking forward to that $7 cup of drip coffee that the market fixed for me.

7/19/16 10:55AM

We’ll have to wait and see—the Falcon Heavy is new, so the protocols might change up a bit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew pretty quick after landing. Read more

7/04/16 3:16PM

Also, I’m excited for the maps! How close are these new Jupiter maps going to get? And what do you hope to do with them? Also, I’ve been hearing a lot about the 3D mapping capabilities of Juno’s instruments...what kinds of formats can we expect to see them in?

7/04/16 3:05PM

Hey, Glenn, congratulations. I’m curious about how you prepared Juno to deal with Jupiter’s harsh radiation. Do you already have a complete picture of the radiation it will face, or is the radiation strength throughout one of the data points you’re looking to collect? Read more

6/15/16 4:05PM

Yep, New York is included, but also Whole Foods in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Northern New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

5/27/16 10:43AM

I’m calling best at midnight on May 30 (i.e. right after Sunday night, in early Monday morning).
Read more

5/25/16 7:29PM

While we wait, here’s a tutorial on making your own origami version of the space house.