Rose Pastore
Rose Pastore is the science editor at Gizmodo.
5/07/21 5:09PM

I also had trouble hearing it on my (very ancient) laptop. I could hear it clearly through my phone though.

1/07/21 3:15PM

Hi, commenters. You may have noticed we have a new staff writer on the science team. Please be nice to Isaac—we really like him so far.

12/31/20 3:36PM

Happy new year, Darwinian Man. I appreciate your loyal commenting. 

12/31/20 3:35PM

Happy new year. Thank you for always reading and commenting. I will try to improve our engineering coverage next year :). 

11/03/20 1:34PM

I predict I will apply sheet masks one after the other until my face gets trench foot.

9/14/20 11:47AM

Yes, it is mentioned in this article: “As the authors acknowledge, there’s simply no way to tell how many, if any, of these “excess” cases were actually covid-19, assuming the trends they found are genuine. It’s possible that they instead reflect an especially heavy flu season or other factors, such as an unusual Read more