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Wednesday 1:01PM

but imagine the sound a craft would make hitting a rocky world’s surface at full speed.” Read more

Wednesday 12:35PM

The Pale Blue Dot — Voyager 1's last image involved turning the camera back on first. The Imaging Science Subsystem had not been used in a long time, as there were no scheduled observations after the Saturn encounter. (Voyager 1's flyby of Saturn was tweaked to allow for a close flyby of Titan, at the price of Read more

Wednesday 10:55AM

If only we knew what was on the cameras of the Cosmonauts that the Ruskies left in space during the 60's.

6/07/21 1:30PM

A good rule of thumb is that antibody-based drugs will have “mab” attached to the end, short for “monoclonal antibody.” 

6/05/21 5:38PM

This was so needed! When I went, I was sad to find all of the rocks and minerals were caked with dust and the displays old and outdated. I’m glad they updated it!

6/05/21 3:58PM

Oooh, that’s exciting! I haven’t been to the American Museum of Natural History since I left the city in the mid-aughts. I used to spend so much time there, and I always had a hard time in the gem hall. I would get anxiety, between the spot lights being so bright, and the dark, light absorbing carpet covering all the Read more

6/05/21 10:47AM

I’m overweight and diabetic. I already take Ozempic and Jardiance. When I started taking Ozempic, I lost 8 pounds, and then put it back on. Maybe this will mean my doctor wants me to up my dose of one or the other, or both. If it helps, I’ll be grateful. Read more

6/04/21 11:45PM

Shit dude, looks like the answer to everyone’s weight struggles has been there all along! Thanks for figuring it out!

6/04/21 11:29PM

You do understand they did a trial with a placebo group and demonstrated effectiveness right? And there are more studies of similar drugs showing the same results. Like you can act like some elitist that has the solution to fat people all you like but don’t deny the science you dipshit.

6/04/21 9:41PM

You will always see these new drugs listed as “in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and physical exercise” because of how clinical trials work. They can’t ethically withhold a treatment known to be effective (diet and exercise), so all new interventions are evaluated against the current standard of care. They Read more

6/04/21 8:56PM

You know, I’m overweight. At one point I qualified as obese, but I dropped about fifteen pounds and I’m not anymore. A couple years ago I dropped another 15 and held that for about six months but over time it’s come back, only to be dropped and lost again and again and again. First fifteen, still good. Second 15, Read more

6/04/21 7:55PM

I have herniated discs and can't exercise the traditional way. I'm not obese, but I could stand to lose about 10 to 15 lbs. This could help out. 

6/04/21 7:28PM

Not a pill, an injection. It’s amazing how you were able to copy/paste half the article but missed that bit, especially with the picture OF A NEEDLE AND VIAL!
Read more

6/04/21 5:49PM

Dear Priest of Maiden who had the courage to be an asshole and dismiss everyone that called you out. Here is my reply again: Read more

6/04/21 5:32PM

Wow.  Thank you for your astounding insight.  No one who struggles with their weight has ever heard those tips before!

6/03/21 8:17PM

If Lucio is supposed to be a seeing-eye dog, the requirements are incredibly strict. Even something so simple as repeatedly pausing in front of stairs is grounds for being flunked out (because it could lead to their human tripping)

6/03/21 3:37PM

Who failed Lucio out of guide dog school? I just want to talk.

5/27/21 4:25AM

Benzene is one of the few chemicals that directly causes cancer. That's pretty scary that they are finding it above allowable limits.

5/25/21 1:15PM

Slightly disappointed you didn’t ask about the anti-drug PSA where she smashes up her kitchen with a frying pan.

5/19/21 2:58PM

Flippancy of the crowd aside, as someone with an immunocompromised organ-transplant recipient parent who understands at least a couple of the various nuances surrounding said circumstance, this is actually pretty significant and alarming news for that population. Thank you for covering this.