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Thanks for name-dropping Jon Braver. Delusion is amazing. I’m dragging a friend who has never done it before in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait for their reaction.
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I’ve been told part of the trick is to just bring them there without explaining it at all. Read more

I went three or four times in the mid-twenty-teens. It’s so many things: cinematic, eerie, surreal, moving. I’ve often struggled to sell people on it, like– oh, you don’t want to be trapped inside a wordless David Lynch dreamscape for three hours? But really it’s fab, and there’s candy and nudity. Read more

I went for the second time just a couple weeks ago, and it’s an astounding achievement. Both experiences were radically different, and I feel like I could go another 10 times and have a completely new experience every time.   Read more

Based on the color, I am guessing it was froggy. Read more

Must of heard they were making changes to the Country Bear Jamboree and wanted to see if there was an opening.
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Most likely an American alligator. They range farther into Florida and are considerably more aggressive than the American crocodile. The crocodile is docile by comparison. Read more

Meh, not the worst animal that ever snuck into DiseyWorld. Black bears tend to be shy scaredy cats. They don’t snap up two-year-olds like gators do. And yes, this has happened before at DisneyWorld. Though I can’t remember if it was an alligator or a crocodile. Read more

An adaptation of this story would be a ten times better movie than Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey. Read more

Winter is coming. Bears need protein and fat to properly hibernate. With all the junk food in the American diet, overweight kids is just what a bear needs.
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I hope this didn’t bruin anyone’s vacation. Read more

I wonder how he got in and avoided the like $250 ticket charge.   I am wondering for a friend, I swear. Read more

It’s usually an overreaction, but perhaps it’s appropriate to ask now that somebody please think of the children.
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He was just looking for the bear necessities.
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A large bear-like animal, possibly a bear, seeking food or perhaps employment. Read more

Must have taken a wrong turn at Albearquerque. Read more

Frontierland is a major part of the train track stretch, so it’s possible that the bear wandered in there and into the areas surrounding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the construction area for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Read more

The bear is now stuffed, and will be remain front of Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe for selfies. Thanks for being a part of the MAGIC! Read more