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Of course I have pages. I had pages five years ago. How anyone can believe I don’t defies belief.

PGP Fingerprint: 6595 DBB6 1A35 1D33 2459 1643 3315 A092 4BA2 05E1

Almost seven years and still not a page in sight. Incredible.

I think there’s a happy medium somewhere out there. IMO, since VR has such a long way to go before it’s mainstream, it’s maybe more useful for developers to adopt a moonshot framework, dream big and worry about the details of marketability later.

One of my favorite parts of Skyrim has always been the Stop Time shout. It’d be cool if you could extend that and just pause time and move around the battlefield with time frozen. Imagine being able to get up close to arrows flying mid-air, or some of the more dramatic looking spells. One thing I kept doing in Dragon Read more

Here to add FKA twigs, the confirmed protagonist of Final Fantasy XVIII:

Researchers didn’t find any change in the outcome of the complaints. That’s a great question, I’ll update post with that info.

Right. The point is to signal that I’m attractive, available, flirty, etc. That changes nearly everything about my facial expression, thus radically altering the data the AI’s trained on. I don’t think they could re-create this with, say, mugshots or passport photos.

I also think he puts stuff in quotes because he doesn’t want to defend it later. Spicer said the fact that “wiretapping” was in quotes meant that Trump was referring to surveillance generally. It’s like a little loophole his babysitters made for him.

Five whole years without having ever registered for a single social media site seems like a stretch. You’d conceivably have to somehow prove that you never once owned one. This would also be a problem if families were applying for visas together, the State Dept. could one they had access to and see if you ever Read more

This is an interesting request for someone using a pseudonym.

To be clear, if the EPA/WH believe Pruitt needs additional security, then he should have it. But it’s not “hate” to point out that his push for radical deregulation is dangerous and counterproductive to both protecting the environment and restoring the economy.

Storage/manpower. If 50 cops record everything in a 10 hour shift, that’s thousands of hours per day of footage to review and countless TB of storage taken up.

#NotAllLiberals agreed with the body camera roll out!

Continuous recording just isn’t feasible for most police departments. If a cop has a 10 hour shift, that’s countless hours of footage to review and countless TB of storage taken up by the data. Plus, the people incidentally picked up just walking around are caught in the footage, even though they’re not under any Read more

Communities should. I think the point is that officers shouldn’t be deciding on the fly whether or not to record something.

It’s funny. I never get these types of comments when I write about the disproportionate impact of enviro policy on coal workers and the rural poor in WV or MT. What is it about centering people of color that reads as a distraction (“pollution”) to some commenters? Do you care less about pollution having read this, Read more

I think I see the point you’re making, but what do you mean by “do nothing?” According to the ACLU head, local police haven’t ever said they need this tech/can’t do their jobs without it. And even if officers *do* think they need it, it’s still very troubling they’d be able to operate weaponized drones without first Read more

Why are all the special attacks so damn boring?