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Over 12 years in digital media. On-camera person, ex-radio DJ (94.3 The Point), my past work includes The Mary Sue, THR, IGN, HitFix, & more. Author: Womanthology, Chicks Dig Comics, IncrediBuilds.

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The Getty photogs rarely stop to ask for names sadly. Most didn’t even bother to write in their descriptions who the character was. Read more

We’re experiencing some tech issues atm that is making stuff disappear from our “latest” section on the front page. Everything is still up though. Read more

Yes, that’s definitely what I did when I gave my opinions. Read more

Disney’s fault? No. Can the company help change it? Yes. Read more

My working assumption is the redo portion is like the first half hour before it dives into the new. Read more

Chapek and Disney are choosing Marvel’s first Asian-led film to try out this new release window.”
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I mentioned there’s no pool because literally every other Disney resort has one.  Read more

Long story short, the studio and director say it’s not a sequel but there is familiarity between some of the characters from the first film. That said, you definitely don’t have to have seen the first to watch this, Read more

Just because you didn’t see them doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. We were just one of the few that did actual reporting on it.  Read more