Therese McPherson
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Apr 15

My uncle owned a tow company and used to get some of our family involved in the Demolition Derby’s at the annual Marshfield Fair in Massachusetts. Totally a sport for the most bad ass of car enthusiasts.

Apr 1

Thanks! I put a lot of love into this series. Of course, David made it easy by being great all of the time.

Feb 11

This is everything. xoxo. BTS is a great example of k-pop artists defining healthy masculinity and trending towards the future.

Nov 25

Hahaha! Happens to the best of us. Hope you enjoyed the video! Did you end up playing KHMM?

Nov 23

Cold borscht is a quick way to my heart during summer and warm smoothies are a quick visit to the trash can in the winter. 

Nov 13

Too bad, so sad that it will never be time to watch the wolf hands duke it out against the 9th century Norwegian one punch man. Looking forward to lighting a match in the poop room. 

Apr 27

I love that! I read into the letters of JR Tolkein when I crafted the recipe and there was a lot of info on how Tolkien thought of it. Tolkein was SO descriptive when he wrote. 

Apr 22

Depends on how much space you have(vertical space too) Consider something like the AeroGarden if you want to go wild with herbs. There are a few systems you could try out... but really lights are going to be the key.