Therese McPherson
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Apr 1

Good video.  Nice work editor.  Also this looks like it will be a fun series.  Puts into living color the true jankiness of the whole thing.

Nov 29

Playing at 1080p 5 days a week, 25 days a month, will blow pass Comcast’s new data cap easy. It’s best to make sure you add the unlimited data plan Comcast offer for $30 a month more(they don’t advertise this option).

Nov 28

For internet access to become a public utility and not infrastructure steeped in classism. /s (but not much...)

Nov 16

If it wasn’t for all the unlockables, the achievement system, and the bizarre rpg elements, I probably wouldn’t bother with this thing based on the core gameplay. I’m a sucker for side systems and unlockables, though.

Nov 13

I totally missed the video lol, I thought this was just a one paragraph article, my b! 

Sep 18

This is a very interesting point that I hadn’t thought of before. It is kind of insane that there’s a job at the highest level of our government where people work until they die.

Sep 18

The earliest one that I still remember from the 90s is mrtarheels, used on various sports message boards. About a decade ago, some friends at work assigned me the name fallsdownstairs after several falls. I tried to resist it, but after a couple more falls, I embraced that I’m sometimes a klutz on the stairs and went w Read more

Feb 14 2014

I have to admit. I used to be one of three editorial employees in an advertising office and definitely felt like they were listening to my conversations sometimes. What's funnier, though, is that I got to hear them try to calm down clients after I wrote scathing things about their company while said company had an ad Read more