Tom McKay
"... An upperclassman who had been researching terrorist groups online." - Washington Post
Jan 20

hey, i keep on hearing about how i should practice self-care. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jan 20

This was some weird mistype or copy-paste error and I’m just as confused to you as to what was going on there. It should read “Donald Trump’s presidency”

Dec 18

This is actually an interesting line of discussion. I’m not sure what a proportionate response to an intel-gathering hack is other than something similarly disruptive and costly to clean up.

Dec 17

I can’t really comment on that because who knows, but a quick search shows there is at least one tool that claims to bypass login attempt limitations on Twitter on Github and discussions of other tools elsewhere. I imagine a nation-state may be able to figure out a way to get past it as well without triggering an alarm Read more

Dec 12

Belatedly, this is fascinating. I can only guess at this but it might technically be better to live in some other species’ shit than your own because it’s less slightly less likely to have bee plague?

Dec 11

I would add to this that there doesn’t necessarily need to be any malicious intent involved for school surveillance to result in bad outcomes. Everyone involved can be doing what they think is best for the safety of the student, or other students, or otherwise just be following zero/low tolerance procedures put in

Dec 5

The moon is essential both to tide cycles, which is essential to some of earth’s ecosystem, and also keep earth in that 23 degree tilt that results in the seasonal cycles. If we muck any of that up, there’s probably some major disruptions to some of those ecosystems and our climates... and most probably extinction Read more

Dec 3

Nah, I hooked them up and they’re full of errors. Or were full of errors (they’ve been shredded). 

Dec 1

Also currently moving apartments, so this hits home. I’d say the biggest obstacle is not knowing how to dispose of most of this old stuff. Does any of it recycle? Is the only option a landfill? Would anyone want this old bluetooth mouse? Do I donate it? Is there a company (nearby, please) that would take old Read more

Nov 27

Are there any pros/cons to buying an external drive such as an 8TB and removing it from the case and installing internally? Read more

Nov 26

You maybe be right (and I’ll acknowledge rife was probably the right word here) but “ripe with tax avoidance” is neither grammatically incorrect (if the fruit is tax avoidance) or necessarily incorrect in a descriptive sense (if the context implies a foul ripeness, as in pustulence). That said this may be one of my Read more