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5/12/21 6:47PM

Ooof both of your examples hit me head on. Had the exact same experience growing up gay and finding some solace in Fable for allowing me to live out that fantasy. I get the feeling of, too late, with mass effect 3, I’d been so used to playing as a female character to get the narratives of romancing men in bioware and Read more

5/12/21 5:46PM

And then there is Dragon Age, their other property. Give me Iron Bull and Dorian all day!

5/12/21 5:26PM

If my Commander Shepard was meant to be an extension of myself, and if I was gay, I frustratingly wondered, why couldn’t I fall in love with this man? Read more

5/12/21 4:21PM

My answer to this was to just play as FemShep. I knew I was bi pretty early so it was great being able to kinda sorta pick either gender as a partner in the first game. As a guy, I had no issue seeing myself as FemShep. Read more

5/12/21 3:45PM

Ha. I just made a comment on your Virmire article yesterday basically asking where you were at with romance for legendary. This def. answers that. I just wish we could romance him in earlier games, it makes me feel like i am missing out. Here is the comment from yesterday that is buried since it is an older article, Read more

5/12/21 3:11PM

This very much resonates with me, growing up closeted and not enjoying the forced heterosexual options. I couldn’t romance Kaidan, but I still was VERY okay killing off Ashley with her strict monotheistic views on the universe. It got annoying and I never used her. Read more

5/12/21 2:46PM

It was much to my bemusement when playing ME3 that the first male carryover I did had killed off Kaiden, so I couldn’t romance him. And while Steve wasn’t bad, Kaiden didn’t have the “dead-partner” baggage, though was of almost equivalent level of sad-sack. Read more

4/07/21 10:43AM

I can’t be the only one that thought of this right?

12/10/20 6:58PM

What a coincidence! I, too, have been revisiting at least the Wraith Squadron books from my youth. They’re holding up nicely so far, and the Rogue and Wraith books are easily a foundational part of my love of Star Wars. Such a simple concept done so well. Here’s hoping this new Disney movie can recapture the magic!

12/10/20 6:00PM

I finally finished Star Trek Enterprise (I started getting interested in Star Trek as an adult the fall after it was cancelled, so I missed it when it aired), and started rewatching Discovery since I’m attempting a chronological watch-through of all Star Trek. Once I’m done I’ll watch the last Star Trek series, the Read more

12/10/20 4:35PM

My wife started watching Lost for the first time this year and immediately got sucked in. It was one of my favorite shows ever (I still defend “The End” as being fantastic except for maybe the last 10 minutes), so it’s been a joy to see how she has fallen in love with it too.

12/10/20 4:13PM

Regarding Alias, Lost, and Fringe, Abrams stuck with Alias through 2005. The final season of the show was the only season he didn’t write on. Read more

12/10/20 4:10PM

I rewatched all of Buffy and Angel for the first time in over a decade and was pleasantly surprised by how well it all held up, as well as how my opinions of it had changed (Season 4 of Buffy isn’t as bad as I remembered, Season 5 is worse, Season 3 might actually be fractionally better than season 2 after all, and Read more

11/25/20 1:12PM

Hey, Tom wrote for What We Do In The Shadows, so it’s totally genre-adjacent.

11/25/20 1:01PM

Thanks team, this whole article is great and a welcome reminder of the various things we (hopefully) all have to be thankful for, despite - well [gestures around] - everything. Read more

11/25/20 12:54PM

How about Star Trek Lower Decks turning out to be so much more than expected? The last few episodes, and especially the season finale, just made it a solid entry in the Trek franchise.

11/25/20 12:47PM

Two of the biggest fucking JRPG in years coming out within weeks of the first lockdown has been wonderful. Persona 5 Royal likely the best update ever to an already good (if overrated) video game plus Final Fantasy VII Remake that lives up to all my expectations and then blows them away at the ending by the sheer Read more