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We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Filming Avatar Looked Insanely Difficult

Rarely do I feel pity for the actors in a giant Hollywood picture, rarely. Then I saw these images of Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, wow. First off the camera rig that they're wearing seems beyond comprehension. I can't imagine wrapping my head around fake hair, a fake face, and then having cameras glued all over your body. It looks like 4 cameras at the very, very least are trained on their every moment. Next, look at their surroundings, now imagine where they were supposed to be. These actors were literally given nothing. I know green screen is commonplace for most if not all films and TV, but with a mega budget film like this its shocking that there's nothing to go off of. But then again, not really. Either way, I respect the pressure the actors must have been under.

The Avatar Maker Is Part Xerox Machine

Jake steps into his Minority Report screened Avatar machine, and goodness me if it doesn't make the same sounds as the photocopier. Still I'm excited to get a better look at the technology in the human world, and how far it's come in Cameron's mind.


Say What You Will About The Cat People, The Movie "Sounds" Great

Take a listen to the score, so far so good.

Why The Na'vi Have Tails

Why do the cat people have tails Cameron, because "Tails are cool," he says. Also tails are very expressive. Hence the blue cat people tails. But surprisingly mum on whether or not he finds the tails "sexy." Now check out this new footage and see the hot, tail action.


The Na'vi Do Not Have Nipples.

James Cameron Was Fired From The World's Best Flying Pirana Movie Because of Penthouse Models


Cameron Is Modest

Aw Cameron is so modest that he keeps the fake wheel from the Titanic in his office because, "i know what it feels like to be at the helm of a sinking ship. Which is what it feels like on every movie that I make." Cough cough cough cough.


Popcorn Chic Will Be The New Term For Fancy 3D Glasses, Vomit

Get ready for designer 3D glasses and terms like popcorn chic. And Avatar is apparently the Citizen Kane of 3D movies, until they make Citizen Kane in 3D, that is.


He's The Head Mother Fucker In Charge

He's got a fancy hat to prove it too.

Yelling At The Talking Dragons Helps With Steering

More new footage.

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" style="display: none;" O.J. Is A Terminator

We knew O.J. Simpson might have been the first Terminator, but we had no idea what Cameron's real feeling was on the subject matter, ouch.