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Awesome Decals Turn Your Toilet Bowl Into a Deadly Sarlacc Pit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Let's face it: After earning you lavish praise at age two, successfully making a bowel movement in the toilet has probably started to lose some of its appeal. Fortunately for you, the Sarlacc Toilet is here to put the excitement back into your (semi-)daily act of defecation.


The inspiration for this ingenious sticker set came when one of creator Robbie Rane's buddies used the phrase "dropping Boba Fett down the Sarlacc pit," which is perhaps the most awesomely nerdy pooping euphemism to have ever been uttered. Though the idea is simple enough, installing the all-powerful Sarlacc's many teeth is a bit of an undertaking; you'll need to drain all the water from your toilet bowel and (please) give it a good scrubbing first.


Still, any inconvenience or queasiness from the installation is well worth it in the end. To sentence your very own poops to a new definition of pain and suffering as they're slowly digested over a thousand years, you can buy yourself a Toilet Sarlacc here for $25. [Toilet Sarlacc via Nerd Approved]