Awesome Persol Shades Your Friends Will Want to Steal

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Persol sunglasses are hot. So hot that bossman Joe Brown has a pair he jokingly worries I'm going to swipe. (In our office, things sometimes go missing!)


Jokes aside, it's a valid fear, because they're awesome shades, both in looks and function. They're have a uniquely Persol character (that bridge!), with subtly stylish touches like metal accents on the hinges. And being crafted in Italy, the specs have crystal-tempered lenses, which make for a really clear lens. Some models (like these) fold up so you can slip tuck them away safely and compactly. At the end of the day, they'll run you about $250-$400, but you can find some with reduced prices on Amazon. Just be careful that your friends don't steal them from you.

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People here are saying that they've had pairs for X number of years! YEARS!!

I'm lucky if I manage to keep hold of, or not break, a pair of sunglasses for longer than six months.

Years? Crazy.