The internet nearly lost its mind over the adorable Loch Ness monster Nessie Ladle we posted earlier this year. It was fun and functional at the same time, and its creator, OTOTO Designs, has returned with a new colander spoon version it’s calling Mamma Nessie given it’s slightly larger.


Like the original, Mamma Nessie’s whimsical design isn’t just for fun—it’s actually quite practical. The four stubby legs that make it look like a mythical sea monster also allow the scoop to stand on its own while you’re cooking, instead of toppling over and getting in the way. And since it’s perforated like a colander, you can scoop up veggies and pasta while leaving behind the nasty water they cooked in.

Available in just a couple weeks for $19, you can order one right now from the Soho Design Shop in your choice of green or turquoise. And hopefully there will also soon be a Poppa version, because all parents are welcome to help out in the kitchen.

[Soho Design Shop]


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