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Baby Yoda Is Ready for Murder

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Image: Nano (Twitter)

He has a name, scum. Call him “the asset” one more time, he dares you.

Star Wars: Battlefront II lets you do a lot of things, at this point. Wear pajamas! Be eaten alive by Ewoks! Enjoy frankly absurd quantities of Star Wars! But alas, it does not (yet) let you play as The Mandalorian’s iconic infant, Baby Yoda.

It does let you play as BB-8 and BB-9E now though, thanks to a recent update. And, with the power of PC mods, Battlefront II modder Nano has combined some truly masterful talents to essentially give BB-8 a Baby Yoda skin.


Rollin’ around in his little bassinet as BB-8 would roll around in his...well, self, Nano’s mod doesn’t actually do anything but swap BB-8's model for his own, very adorable Baby Yoda model. This Baby Yoda moves like a BB-Unit, has the same abilities as a BB-Unit (so he’s tasing those poor Stormtroopers, not getting all Palpatine on us), and even makes the same sounds as a BB-Unit. Which is weirdly somehow just as cute? But anyway, a BB in Baby’s clothing is still amazing as all hell to watch in action.


If only Battlefront II could get around to adding some Mandalorian content now that The Rise of Skywalker is out of the way. That’d be rad.

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